White Paper

RDVhub is a new social platform for the freedom of expression and the right of access to information in the respect of ideas and the benevolence of exchanges. No hatred and no violence are tolerated there.

Our objective is to gradually recreate a knowledge base with multiple sources of verifiable information allowing the evolution of everyone's knowledge.

A good initial investment has been made to allow us to regroup in a well-structured environment for our initial phase. There will still be a lot of energy to devote to programming to make the platform even more interesting for all of us, which we will ALL do TOGETHER, because your opinion will be important to us. To do this, we will immediately set up a committee which will be called upon to develop rapidly in order to enrich your experience in the best way.

You can create your account for free. We have also added paid features to it because all paid registrations received will be used exclusively to hire staff to improve the platform and support peaceful actions for the protection of our rights and freedoms.

Because we want to avoid the undesirable effect of anonymous posts commonly known as TROLL, each registrant will have to pay a nominal fee to be able to comment.

Registration on the platform can be done by invitation only. When you are registered, you have the option of sending email invitations to develop the platform. Accountability is also essential, which is why we ask you to invite only those in whom you have great confidence to be benevolent contributors.

The first evolutions of the platform will be to install itself on more efficient servers while maintaining our storage capacity and also to implement the function of real time videos (live). Other functions are already in the works and we will ask for the collaboration of all during new implementations.

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